Monday, February 22

A Real Treat

I had the privilidge of knowing Ray Langdon since I was a young boy. We use to go to the middle fork of the Kentucky River to camp out. We usually made camp near Ray's house. We used his boat, in fact, everything that we needed. The very first real bright lights I ever saw was at Ray's house. They were Aladdin Lamps. This was a real treat to see how bright they burned in his house. He took all the pains in this world to see that we boys had a fine time while over there. This I would say he carried on for many years.

He taught school and enjoyed it and served on the Leslie County School board. Ray was a friend to all that would let him be. He was displaced during the building of the Buckhorn Reservour. This didn't bother Ray in the least. He would only say, "that is progress for our people."