Friday, September 4

Let's have some fun. Here I am sitting in the lobby of the Grand Hotel on Main Street in Hazard in 1952, wondering what the future holds. Your comments on the blog are my connection to 2009. I can only guess what Hazard will be like in the future but I can tell you for sure what's happening now, what is your past.

The sidewalks of Main Street are always busy, people everywhere. I see Lois Patterson who works at Newberry's, Chas Russell, the manager of the A & P Supermarket, and Ishmael Stacy, who runs the Ashland Service Station. On the other side the street is Ralph Reda. Ralph and his wife Rose run the grocery store at the end of the street. Carl Seal, who runs the Seal Motor Company, is talking to his wife, Bonnie. They live on Poplar Street. Carolyn Perkey, the clerk at Stiles Jewelry is standing outside the business, probably going to lunch. Leland H. Stiles is the owner. He and his wife Letitia live on Lyttle Boulevard. Hugh Beeler is the manager of the store. Lavelle Perkins is crossing the street. He is the ticket agent at the Greyhound Bus Station. He lives in Lothair. I see the Steele Drug Store just down the street, no sign of the owners - Eugene and Molly Blount, probably busy inside. Their seven year old son Richard is a handful.

Hazard has its share of grocery stores. Here on Main Street you'll find Bible's Market, Lykins IGA, & Reda's Grocery. On North Main there is Brewers, Bridge Grocery, Brock's Supermarket, Combs Grocery, Gabbard's Grocery, Gayheart's Market, Home Market, Osborne Grocery, and Pence's Super Market. There's the A & P and Bell's Market on East Main. The price of a loaf of bread is 16 cents.

Well that's the perspective from the Grand Hotel. Mildred Rudeen and John Snead are the owners. Mildred says hello to all the future Hazardites and keeps asking what a blog is. By the way, if you are ever in town stop by the Grand Hotel Dining Room for some good eatin'. You'll be greeted by Pauline Beams. Now let's hear from you guys so we can continue this conversation.


  1. Well, here it is 1952, my last year of high school. How I am going to miss it all, but right now I am on my way to The Sweet Shoppe to chat with Nell, Dell, Gladys and possibly Babe if he should drop in. I have got just enough time to grab a good chili dog, coke and bag of chips before I head back up the hill to those hallowed walls of HHS.

    Oh Happy Days of 1952, may they long be remembered.

  2. This comment is for Billie Reda Sowers, My names Briana and i'm Donald's grandaughter. My great grandma is Anna Louise Reda and her parents are my great grandparents. I wanted to know if the grocery store they owned is still running. Im doing a family tree and im trying to get a lot of information. Please get back to me at

  3. Pauline was my grandmother. I would love some photos of her. Please send them to