Tuesday, October 6

Fathers and mothers, soon another Halloween night will roll around. I know many of you are planning some type of party for the little ones, please don’t forget the larger kids from 12 and up – plan something for them also. Don’t leave it up to them to find their own amusement on this occasion. Did you ever stop to think that it could cause trouble? I am sure with the proper instruction in regard to what Halloween night should be, you will never have any regrets in regard to what kids do. I can recall in my boyhood days that many things were done on this night that caused people to suffer from it. For instance, turning over their outhouses, taking the wheels off their wagons, today it would be taking the wheels off their cars. It would be pretty hard trying to turn over the present day out houses, most are built in the house itself. Regardless if it was twenty five years ago to the pranks that were played on this night, it still will cost the owner as much or more to replace today. As a word to both old and young, please heed to the occasion of being considerate of your deeds on this coming Halloween night. Kids have a big time on this gala event, remember that dollars don’t grow on trees. You could cost some poor soul his or her monthly security check. Please be careful, have your fun, lets do it in the modern way of education. 1957

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  1. Words of wisdom from Mr. Roscoe Davis. Happy Halloween to all!!