Monday, November 2

Old Time Gadgets

With November comes the cold temperatures and many of you have been hunting for the long handles during this spell. Believe me, I was one of them. I started a little late, I tramped the town over, couldn't find any to fit. Maybe I was a little too particular. I wanted a modern version of them, without the flap and all the buttons. Finally, after two trips, Rusty over at Watsons said, "I believe I have a red suit that will fit you." I said, "I don't care what the color or what have you, if it will keep me warm." Now I am the proud owner of one pair of red drawers. I have heard of them all my life, never did think I would have a pair. By granny, they feel good, so good I wanted to sleep in them. You know how it is, I am not the only one in my household, my wife says no to that. I can remember when these kinds of garments was as popular during the night as they were in the day time. Since times have changed so much with all the modern gadgets, such as steam heat, gas heat, insulated houses, I can see why some of the old time gadgets have gone out of style. I will still say I like my long handles regardless of what color. 1962


  1. What a picture that you chose to lead us into Roscoe's hunt for long handle drawers! I can visualize this picture and my mind races back to the clothesline in the winter when it was so cold these red handles would stand alone without a feller being in them.

    I don't recall one wearing red handles but they were sort of off white or cream colored at my house and at the first sign of a frost Uncle Matt would put on his "drawers" and that was the vital part of his attire until spring sprung again. You could always see the "drawers" showing through his unbuttoned shirts. I remember way in the future when I married and my family went hunting or fishing in the winter, they would make sure they had on "long handles" as part of their gear, and to this day, they do. I suppose Roscoe would love to know they are still in style (and some might even have the famous flap in back! :) :)

  2. He said the Long Johns were so comfortable he wanted to sleep in them. Isn't that the best time to wear them? At bedtime? Anyone know Rusty's last name who worked at Watsons?