Friday, January 29

January 29th 1957, so many of you were wondering where your loved ones might be, so many of you were stranded from your homes and families. Many of you had no homes left after the flood, neither did you know at that time what the future held for you. I believe many of you turned your eyes to the good man above, and sooner or later you found happiness and joy in knowing that your family had not perished in the waters that caused such devastation.

I often wonder if we are as thankful and look to the guidance of a supreme being as we should. Are we only grateful at the time we need him, then so easily to forget what our blessings are. I am afraid that so many that came out of this disaster have forgotten all about it, or maybe are waiting for leadership in trying to prevent it from occurring again. Who, when and where, this will happen - your guess will be as good as mine. I do know that without a united effort being made. We will still be sitting ducks awaiting for the waters to rise again. We are going to have to voice our opinions as we did in 1957, that is if we expect to be recognized in our efforts to prevent floods in the future. 1962

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