Tuesday, July 26

Corn Pone

I bake a fresh corn pone daily and sometimes I crumble it in ice old buttermilk or just butter me up a good sized piece while it is steaming hot with good butter, not margarine, and do not need another thing to go with it, that's my meal at times. Remember, corn pone goes good with lasses too. Then if it gets cold, which it never stays in my old iron skillet long enough to get cold, but at times it does, I just wet a good paper towel, place it around my piece of corn pone, sock it into the microwave and in a few seconds it has the same texture it did when it was fresh bakes hours ago. Oh, yeh, a little bowl of friend apples, and a piece of corn pone is lip smacking good, ain't that right, C. H. and Roscoe?


  1. Sounds good.I'm not C.H. or Roscoe,but I can say what you've discribed sounds delicious.I'll add another take on it.A big slice of cornbread with fatback,mustard and onion.Of course a nice cold coke to go along with it.Good eating.

  2. Janie, yep your addition to the story I can taste it myself. I have sliced the cornpone and put mustard on it and here is what I would do when I was growing up.

    Uncle Matt worked at the old, old Water Plant and he would come home at 11 at night and one of my favorite memories was waiting on him to eat his late supper with him. Here is what it consisted of most of the time.

    We would take lean streaked bacon and put it on a skewer and hold it over the open flame in the hearth and flame fry that bacon to a crisp...then we would take the cornpone which had been heated up by keeping it in the "warmer" part of the old cold stove in the kitchen. The warmer was part of the stove and sat above the cooking part of the old stove. It would be good and warm and we would slice the cornpone, cover it with mustard, place the flame broiled bacon on that and a slice of onion, and together with a good cold glass of buttermilk we had a feast there at 11 at night. To the side was a dish of black walnut kernels which to me was a delicacy to my tastebuds at that time in my life. I loved to eat the kernels with the cornpone, oh um good!!!!