Thursday, August 11

Horehound Candy

A few days ago, none other than Rufe "Doug" Vermillion approached me on a subject, which went something like this. "Why in the world don't the stores of today serve cheese and crackers? Where is brown sugar on crackers which I took for granted would be the desert?" Well, I can remember those big lumps of brown sugar. They came in a very large barrel. The many times I sneaked around my dad's counters in his store in Hazard to pick out the big lumps, also with a few sticks of Horehound Candy, the type the old folks made cough syrup from. I recall sucking many a stick of it, along with a few peppermint ones on the side. I always preferred the latter because it was never used as a medicine. 1957


  1. As a kid, I enjoyed all the various hard candies, but I never developed a taste for the Horehound Drops.

  2. Sir,I keep a variety of candies at my computer desk,one of which is horehound candy.I love it and I noticed that it helps when you have a cough.