Monday, June 8

Back To Yesterday

Come with me and we'll spend some time together for I have magic, it's called memories, so let's leave today behind for just a brief interlude while we stroll down Main Street, Hazard.

Maybe we'll stop by Don's and buy a burger and fries and a piece of Zeta's pie, or we can go to The Sweet Shoppe and talk with Nell, Dell and Babe while eating the best hot dog in town, then we could sit and listen to the juke box at Steele's Drug.

Come on now, here's Scott's, let's go inside and look around. See any old faces? I do. Here's the candy cases. Give me a quarter's worth of...ah, just mix it up! Don't eat too much for we have other stops to make.

Ummmm, the aroma from Newberries tells me we need to siddle up to the snack bar. Move, over Phillip Wright, I'm a little hungry, hear my stomach talking to me? "I hear that Miss Idy," Phillip says with a smile which always lifts my spirits.

Seems like the Hazard Drug is busy as usual where Howard Smith and Joe Duncan are very nice. I might just look through the glass to see what is going on. Oh there's Sanders Petrey, Pappy Edwards and Johnny Horn deep in conversation. I'll bet their replaying a basketball game in their minds once more. Hold on just a sec, "Hey, Lauana Hogston, fix me a pimento cheese to go." The best sandwiches in town.

Hold on for I am turning this carpet around. I want to see what Sterling Hardware has in their window to lure summer vacationers. I see Rex Farmer who looks busy with a customer.

Oh I meant to get us a milkshake, walk with me inside here and let's ask one of the Fout's clerks to fill our order. We might say hello to Clyde Baumgardner or Leighton Abshear while we're here. They fill prescriptions for my parents quite often.

By looking across the street I can tell that Rita and Johnnie's are having a good day. Shafter Combs' windows are appealing, aren't they always? This carpet is stopping at the Virginia. What are they showing today? And then there's the Family Theater way down the street there. I'm sure someone is buying a ticket from Ma Combs as we speak.

Hang on, this magic carpet ride is heading toward Big Bottom....whoops, another day, another time. Let me straighten this thing up and I guess our day back in time is over. Yep, here we go into the here and now, but we'll be back to yesterday.

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