Friday, June 4

Little Girl With The Braided Hair

We have watched with keen interest the awakening of love in two young hearts in Hazard. The girl is a pretty lass who still wears her hair in a braid and the boy a sturdy lad. We have known both since they were babies. We have watched them on their way to school. They are fine, healthy youngsters, at that merry period of life which is like the radiant dawn of an April morning. But just at present the clouds obscure the blue sky of their youthful dream. They are mad at each other.

Were you ever mad at the little lass who wore her hair in a braid and tossed her pretty head in disdain when she met you on her way to school? Then you can feel the sinking of the heart which makes the lad of whom we write so miserable.

It all came about in a most natural way. A strange girl came to Hazard for a little visit. The boy met her and found she was nice. Not nearly so nice as the little blue-eyed lass with her hair in a braid. But she was nice and he walked with her upon the village street. The little girl with the braided hair met them and the mischief was done. That is all. The girl is proud and unhappy because she is mad at the boy. The lad is sorry and wretched because the girl won't speak to him now. The little stranger has gone home and is busy with her own little heart flutters.

We hope the storm may be but an April shower and the sun of gladness may shine for the youngsters again. 1921


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  2. Mercy, Mercy, puppy love, young love, why can't it last when we get to be old dogs!!!! It does but by the time you get your arms around your old dog, both of you are snoring on each other's shoulders. Gee, what the passing of time hath wrought!!!