Wednesday, June 2

Speaking on how little you get to eat for the big price you pay, a certain restaurant in Hazard reminds me of the following hog story. A farmer raised a hog that grew to such a size that the people came from far and near to see the animal. The farmer conceived the idea of charging for seeing this attraction, and when a traveler one day drove up, the farmer said, "Come to look at the big hawg, did ye?" "You guessed it," replied the traveler. "Well," said the rustic, "it'll cost ye six bits." The stranger gazed at him for a moment then dug down into his pocket, paid the 75 cents, and started back to his buggy. "Hold on" cried the farmer, "ye hain't seen the hawg." "That's all right," replied the traveler, "I came to see the biggest hog in the country and I've seen you."

Talk about get rich-quick schemes, you cant beat these prices at a Hazard restaurant: Porterhouse steak with potatoes - $1.50, T-bone steak with potatoes: $1.25, Sirloin steak with potatoes: 85 cents, Veal chops, veal cutlets, pork cutlets, lamb fries, pork tenderloin, sausage with tomato sauce, cream gravy or breaded: 75 cents each. French fried potatoes: 20 cents, and coffee: 10 cents. This is what the boys are up against at Hazard, Ky. Lexington Herald 1921

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