Thursday, April 28

Nice Town

Tom and Mrs. Ballantine visted Hazard a few nights ago to attend Civic Night. They drove down Main Street looking for a parking place as near the hotel as possible. They didn't find one (naturally) and stopped a stranger on the street to ask him where they might hitch their car.

The man gave the Ballantines detailed instructions about turning left at the Central Hotel, left again at the traffic light, again at the Hurst Snyder Hospital and then crossing Main to Taxi Alley and onto the parking lot.

Mr. Ballantine said he understood the directions completely but was most surprised when he reached the Main and Fleet Street intersection to see the fellow who had given the instructions waiting there to see that the Ballantines found their way all right.

They were impressed and pleased at the interest this stranger showed in their well-being. The man had been walking south on Main Street, but turned around and went out of his way to help a visitor in our town.

We don't know who this Good Samaritan was but we do know that it speaks mighty well for the community. Hazard and Perry County have always been considered friendly and hospitable to visitors and this little yarn simply emphasizes the importance of a little courtesy. It doesn't cost anything to be nice to people and it goes a long way. 1954

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