Wednesday, April 27

Wonderful Stage Of Life

While we've been writing this blog, our attention has been diverted several times to a baby lying on a bed on the second floor of Mount Mary Hospital. A day seldom passes that we don't notice a little fellow or two up there and we generally feel a pang of regret that they have to be cooped up in a hospital. Some of them appear to be mighty sick and then others seem to be enjoying themselves thoroughly. This little fellow this morning has been lying on his back and kicking his feet in the air as if he didn't have a care in the world. Little does he know what a wonderful stage of his life he is going through right now. Don't we all wish we could be that oblivious to and free of the worries and cares of our day to day lives? 1954


  1. I was born across the street at Hurst-Snyder, but had surgery at the Mountain Mary hospital,when I was 7 or 8? Why did I always call it Mountain Mary? Who knows?

    I can remember the old vending machine on the first floor where you could get a really bad cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Still, it is a fond memory of being a child and bouncing around the Mount Mary hospital.

  2. I was born in Mount Mary hospital in 1967...I had never seen a picture of it until now. I wonder if there are any pictures of it from the front. I was the last baby born and a set of twins. (according to my mom)
    Thanks for posting this. :)