Friday, April 29

Soup & Sandwich

Willie Dawahare remembers a trip which he, Ted McGuire, Bill Sturgill and Chester Duff made to Nashville.

According to Willie, it "just happened" that their visit coincided with the date of the Kentucky - LSU basketball play-off game for the SEC championship.

Anyway, before they left town they decided they would name Ted the "treasure-man" and split all the expense of the trip four ways. They arrived in Nashville just in time to eat and get to the game. Ted ordered first in the restaurant and chose a bowl of soup and a sandwich. Willie, Bill and Chester each ordered a steak. The waitress started for the kitchen but Ted called her back and changed his order to a steak, too. Said he'd be durned if he was going to help pay for a T-bone for the other three and not eat one himself. 1954

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