Monday, February 23

1945 ... After enjoying the "electric train craze" for a year, Cromwell Sluder and I have decided to move into the world of "model airplanes" .We have, finally, finished our first project: A "B class" Republic P-47 which we ordered from Chicago. After about a week of balsa wood, glue, paper, and several razor blade cuts on the fingers, the plane looks great with the silver paint and decals. Gas powered Model Airplanes come in 3 classes: A, B, and C. We couldn't find a B class engine so we decided to go for the more powerful "OK C Super Sixty".We have been running the engine on a test block in Sluder's Tire Recapping shop. Lots of power there. Cranking it up is a little hard on the fingers because it backfires sometimes. Sluder decided to build a contraption with a 2 inch pipe, rubber bands and a crank to make start ups easier, but when we tried it the first time it ripped the prop right of the engine. So much for that. On Saturday we took it down to the ball park for our very first test flight. This was a fly by wire model. We had it on a 50 foot cable to start with. I drove a stake in the ground and hooked the tail to it with a quick release. So I held the plane while Sluder cranked it up. It started the first time. He tuned it a little and it was really humming. Now you have to remember this was our very first experience with a gasoline powered model. Sluder goes back to the pitchers mound and picks up the cable control, gives me the nod and I pull the pin on the tail. The P-47 by passes the taxi and take off procedure. With all that power and lift the plane gets airborne instantly, goes straight up until it runs out of wire peels over and dives straight down to the ground into a cloud of dust. After we recover from the shock we picked up the pieces and its now back in the shop for repairs. Next Saturday we shall return.

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