Wednesday, February 18

1939 ... Everyone is still buzzing over Tex Ritter's appearance at the Virginia Theater in Hazard on February 1st 1939. This is the first big movie star to ever appear in Hazard. He's my favorite shoot em up western star. There were two shows - Matinee was 16 cents and the night show was 38 cents. Hopefully some of you got a picture or autograph. That would be nice to see on the blog. Als0 - we hope you got to see the concert put on by singer - Jessica Dragonette last month at the Hazard High School Auditorium. Jessica is popular on radio. It's good to see a well known radio star come to Hazard. Have any of you tried the new Swedish massage clinic? Is this a first for Hazard? It recently opened on the 2nd floor of the Baker Building opposite the court house in the Baker apartments. It is operated by H. C. Ingram. If I see you coming out of the Baker Building with a smile, I'll know the reason. The District Basketball Tournament is just around the corner. Who do you think will win this year? Hyden will play 1st Creek, Solar vs. Dudley, Combs vs. Viper, Hardburly will play Buckhorn and Hazard will play Stinnett. Vicco drew a bye. The games will be played at the Hazard College Gym. The Regional tournament will be played at Breathitt County High School this year.

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  1. We got Tex Ritter in February and we're getting Gene Autry in March. Woo hoo! Things are looking up in Hazard in 1939!