Tuesday, February 24

1939 ... A huge crowd is expected to attend the District Basketball Tournament this week at the Hazard College Gymnasium. Eleven teams from Perry and Leslie Counties will compete. Tournament manager - Clarence Maggard of Dudley High School, has been busy installing new 200 watt lights in the gym, spreading cinders along the approach and generally fixing up to have everything ready for the opening whistle. A large basketball trophy will be awarded the winner and runner up in the tourney and a cup for the team showing the best sportsmanship. Small individual gold basketballs will be presented to the members of the winning team and silver basketballs to the runner up. Hazard takes on Stinnett, it is Buckhorn vs. Hardburly, Hyden will play First Creek, Sollar takes on Dudley, and Combs vs. Viper, Vicco drew a bye. Who do think are the favorites to win the 1939 district? Post your answers in the "comments" section. The 1939 14th Regional Tournament will be played at Breathitt County High School Gym. Perry County has three basketball teams that are are undisputed leaders and two of them will undoubtedly meet in the finals of the 1939 district tournament this week. The leading county team, Viper, unfortunately will probably meet Hazard in the semi-final Saturday as they are in the same bracket and even the most enthusiastic backer of the Viper boys do not give them much chance of beating the city team. This means that the favorites to meet in the final are Hazard and Dudley. Hazard let two or three teams they were favored to beat slip up on them this season and it could happen again. Anyway, the tournament is going to be at the H. B. I. gymnasium and everybody should back their team by being present this week.

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