Thursday, August 6

A few days ago a man came in and said, "I would like to get a job." I asked him how old he was. He said he was 92. It was none other than White Jim Combs. I said, "Jim, what are you wanting a job for at your age?" He stated he was so tired of hearing fellows like Roy Baker, Charlie Robinson, Jim Cole and all the others that are on the retired and whittling list bragging about getting their Social Security check every month. Jim, I would say since you have made it this far, also raised a large family as you did, I believe you could out-brag a lot of those whittlers. During the cold weather many of the old timers don't sit on the court house wall but instead sit near the ashes of their fireplace waiting for warm weather. Not Jim and a few others I know. They make the best of a spell of cold weather better than a lot I know. Course you can sit down and give up, but it is good to know that we still have old people that have ambitions to move ahead. 1962

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