Tuesday, August 25

You'll meet people from most every state in the Union in Hazard, Kentucky. Not more than 20% of its population are native Hazardites. It is this diversified population which makes Hazard such an interesting and fascinating place to live.

Its people have come to Hazard because it is a good town in which to work and make a living, and a good town to raise a family.

Hazard is located in the very heart of Eastern Kentucky on the North Fork of the Kentucky River, 145 miles southeast of Lexington. It is served by the L & N Railroad and state highway routes 15 and 80. Hazard is just completing a fine small airport for the air minded traveler.

Approximately eight square miles are included within the corporate limits of the city of Hazard. Perry County has a land area of about 1,700 square miles.

Main Street in Hazard is 850 feet above sea level, with some of its residential areas rising to 1,200 feet.

The average temperature is about 60 degrees. Due to the mountains surrounding Hazard, the summers are seldom hot with nights always pleasant. Mosquitoes are almost unknown.

According to recent estimates, Hazard has 7,185 people, Perry County 47,000. The metropolitan trading area includes 100,000 people.

Coal is the chief product in Perry County. There are 23 commercial mines and numerous truck operations. 4,500 men are employed in the commercial mines. 1952

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