Tuesday, August 18

Three Trails Of Vapor

"I certainly don't say they were flying saucers, but I sure would like to know what they were." That's the way Mrs. John Copeland describes the three objects she saw in the sky over Hazard today about noon. With Mrs. Copeland at the time was Mrs. Paul Petrey, Broadway Street. And also watching from across the street was Mrs. Warren Haden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Petrey who is visiting here now. Mrs. Copeland says that they noticed three trails of vapor or exhaust or something very very high. The three trails were at different altitudes. They did not remain visible long, as do the vapor trails from normal gasoline piston engine planes flying at high altitudes, nor did they resemble jet plane exhausts, she said. Mrs. Copeland said she had seen jets flying and these trails were not at all similar. Claudine Petrey, who along with her brother Sanders Petrey, is considered the flying saucer authority in Hazard said that she plans to watch each noon for a possible recurrence of the phenonema, recalling that the recent reported sighting of the flying discs at Pikeville was around noon. 1950

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