Wednesday, August 12

Hazard's business district is occupied by modern retail stores of all types as well as hotels, restaurants, banks, theaters, etc. There are three hotels in the downtown area - the Grand, Hibler and Hurst. A fourth, the Lincoln, is located on North Main Street.

Business development has expanded rapidly in recent years to the East Main and North Main sections, especially due to construction of large, modern garages out of the crowded Main Street area.

Sports and recreation are important in the life of the people of Hazard. In 1951, the people of Hazard and Perry County cooperated to build Memorial Gymnasium, which is one of the outstanding gyms in the state from the standpoint of beauty, seating capacity and facilities.

Hazard is a member of the Class D Mountain States Baseball League. The Bombers won the 1951 season championship and playoffs and was runner-up in the 1950 season.

Bobby Davis Memorial Park and Library is one of the outstanding attractions of the city both from the viewpoint of beauty and usefulness. The pool at the park has been of inestimable value by providing facilities for swimming classes, life saving courses and recreation for both youngsters and adults. The park has two picnic areas which are used in conjunction with the pool for club and family gatherings. 1952

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  1. Thanks for another look at the street that I had etched in my mind when I left in 1952 to go to San Diego with Tom for his tour of the Navy. I thought there was not another town this grand and the people I met out in CA heard all about Hazard and Harlan before they left my presence. I love seeing the Marquee of the VA Theater and I did not see Carson City with Randolph Scott as seen on the Marquee in the picture.

    An awesome article, Wanderer, and this old lady says "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES" AGAIN AND AGAIN.