Friday, April 9

Big Tales Of The Past

Family reunions allow us to honor loved ones that have passed on, it gives the younger generations a chance to learn something about their families, a day to make acquaintances of your children, as well as some of we older ones. To me, reunions are a time to gather to eat, to meet, not to preach or politic, but to have a friendly gathering to spill big tales of the past, also to look forward to the future. I know that many of you have kin folks you didn't know about. I have a picture of Oliver Hazard Perry in the window of the Davis Brother's Store. Bill Perry of the H & P Market in Hazard walked in and asked me how I got hold of a picture like that. He stated that Oliver was his great, great, great grandfather. It is things like this that makes us say we should have a record of our ancestors. 1960

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  1. So Oliver Hazard Perry is Bill Perry of the H & P Market in Hazard's great, great, great grandfather? Someone is going to have to prove this one to me. By the way, if you don't remember the H & P, it was located in the building that was later home to Bell's Market was on Lovern Street.