Tuesday, April 27

'Till The Cows Come Home

The grass is growing in the Backwoods and the cows have about quit bothering Main Street. My hope is that one day in the future - Hazard will have a bigger police force so they can keep the cows, hogs and dogs off the streets. But for now it is only a dream because the cows and hogs in particular walk on the sidewalks and the dogs are so thick that women and children can hardly travel the streets without stepping on one.

I think everybody has forgotten how deep the mud was here last winter during the 1919 season. They're not building any sidewalks. They must think there will never be another winter. There are seven new brick buildings going up on Main Street, all of them modern. The old wooden shacks on the street will look a little strange standing next to the new buildings.

The clock at the Perry County Court House hasn't worked for years but still manages to be on time at least twice a day. The clock was struck by lightning many years ago and no one has ever had any luck getting it to run.

The women of Hazard are going to vote for the first time in a Presidential election this year. The Democrats have nominated James Cox. His running mate and vice Presidential candidate is Franklin D Roosevelt. The Republicans have chosen Warren G. Harding as their candidate. So it will be between Cox and Harding. 1920

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  1. I always loved the clock tower on the old court house. I wish they had put one on the new court house. I wanted them to but they declared that the new building was going to be modern and had no place for anything as old-fashioned as a clock tower. Do people have no need of knowing the time in the future?