Sunday, April 11

The boys and girls at Hazard High School are rehearsing daily a Japanese Musical Comedy, Miss Cherry Blossom. The play will be presented under the direction of Miss Ruth Lynn, director of high school music of the local high school. The cast will consist of such well known students as Pauline Combs, Homer Eversole, Cecil Whitaker, Forest Cornett, Fred Bullard, Sarah Whittinghill, Carleton Allais and Lester Baker. About 50 high school pupils will participate in the choruses. The story of the play is essentially that of love and intrigue with the climax coming when Cherry and Jack marry, and all ends happily. The students under the direction of Miss Lynn, are giving much time to rehearsals and the play has every promise of being a pleasing one. 1930


  1. So if I sneak into the old auditorium tonight - on the 90th anniversary of the play, what will happen? Will the curtains go up precisely at 8 PM? If they do I will probably have a heart attack.

  2. I meant 80th anniversary.