Thursday, April 22

Justice Late, But Justice Still

On the night of May 1st 1898, R. C. Knickols and Ballard Begley were out together playing cards in the Perry County Court House on Main Street. There was some trouble over the game and Knickols killed Begley by shooting him in the back. Knickols left the scene but was later captured on Owls Nest and brought back to Hazard and lodged in the Perry County jail. He was transferred to the Booneville jail in Owsley County and was indicted for murder and his case was to be tried in Owsley Circuit Court. However he escaped. Authorities were unable to locate Knickols and the search was eventually given up. 22 years past with no sign of the man who was wanted for murder. In 1920 - Rev. James Osborne was in Beckley, Indiana when he recognized Knickols. Osborne notified police who quickly arrested the fugitive. Authorities contacted Hazard police for information on the murder that happened back in 1898. Knickols was back behind bars.

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