Monday, April 12

S' Funny Ain't It?

An auto crash with considerable mystery attached to it occurred near Christopher. A Chevrolet coach and a Nash roadster figured in the bump and when the dust had cleared away both cars were across the railroad tracks, the Nash headed towards the river with its two front wheels over the bank just about ready to roll down into the water. And here's where the mystery comes in. Both drivers were unknown to any of the witnesses of the smash and the driver of the Chevrolet jumped out and tore the license plate from his machine and departed from the scene in a very rapid manner leaving his car to its fate. The driver of the Nash found that his vehicle would still run and managed to get it back on the road and then he stepped on the gas for parts unknown. The Chevrolet was moved off the tracks but left at the scene of the accident. Again some unknown parties came and removed this car leaving no hint behind of who they were or where they were going. Usually when anyone has a wreck they want the other parties names or have them arrested or something of the sort but these two drivers seemed determined to shun the white light of publicity in all its forms. S" funny ain't it? 1930

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