Monday, March 14

Basketball Draws Up Closer Together

This the 14th day of the good old spring month of March 1965 has brought on more talk here than the weather or planting those gardens. The main topic has been basketball which is one of the finest competitive games I know of. Folks, it draws us closer together here in our region. This week we will broaden our steps as we have done before. We will move into the bright lights of our neighbors down state way. We have had two fine tournaments in both the district in Hazard and the regional in the new gym in Jackson. One of the finest things I have heard so far is the fine sportsmanship that has prevailed throughout these two tournaments. Reminds me of the days of my youth. Lets get behind our team that will represent us at Louisville at the state tournament.1965


  1. I love the history that you can learn from this blog. I now know that in 1965 the state tournament was held in Louisville and that Breathitt's gym had just opened. Thanks Roscoe!

  2. Got some nice ideas from your blog. Thanks. Chris Kelley - Framingham.