Saturday, March 5


James C. Riley of New Albany, Indiana, sent me the following poem some time ago.

Such a wee, small thing is a cherry smile, as we pass along life's way. But it means much more to those we meet, than we could begin to say. If we go through the day with never a smile, we may count that day as lost. But we've done one thing worthwhile if we've smiled. And not a cent has it cost. The folks that we meet on life's busy street, have problems we never can know. But a passing smile as we go along, will brighten the way that they go. If you doubt what I say why not make the test? And look for the ones who smile. Then watch the gloom on the smileless face, and see if its been worthwhile? In business, in school, in the home, on the street, it will ever win the day. For a smile is one of the dear Lord's means of driving dull care away. And though no reward is offered this one, who brightens life's way all the while, He will always be known and remembered by those who've been helped by his bright cherry smile. 1961

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