Sunday, March 20

I remember Pauline Beams' restaurant on East Main Street. It was awesome with its crisp linens, etc. I was never in her restaurant at the Hurst Hotel. I did go by it time and again and the aroma made my tummy growl loudly and I knew whomever was partaking of her food was getting Hazard's best. However, I was a teenager and was not highly interested in anything at that time but Steele's Drug, Don's and Nell's, what I called Babe Noplis' little hotdog diner that sat right beside the Virginia Theater.

Pauline was the sister of Doug and Marcus Combs. Years later my husband worked for Don Beams as an electrician for a while. Pauline and Don lived across from Collins Grocery on East Main and later I remember a filling station there I think might have been run by Don, but the house was a big house and I remember Don's sister, Mickey, living there so it must have been their family home. My best friend lived on Chester Street right behind the house. We would go and sit down on the top of the Seale Motor Company Garage and watch the fellers work and flirt with them .


  1. Wasn't that the Sweet Shoppe beside the Virginia Theater? And seems like Babe and Nell ended up getting married.

  2. I remember eating at the Sweet Shop in the 70's. I believe Jerry Wells owned it at that time They sure had good food.