Monday, May 23

Corn-Pone Soup Beans No More

Traveling men tell me that it is almost impossible to get anything to eat in Hazard. That is not so strange, but they go further and say that this condition could be remedied by people who live here.

One man who makes Hazard at regular intervals and who knows the local people, tells me that Hazard people rush down to the eating places and "hog the show" every day, using up food that should go toward feeding those who visit us and have no place else to eat.

That seems to be a general condition all over the country. Louisville eating places are broadcasting urgent appeals to those who have homes to take their meals there.

Butter and meals are scarce. They are getting more scarce daily. Money is plentiful. People who lived on corn-pone soup beans in days gone by have the cold cash to buy their meals away from home. It is easy to go down town and eat in order to save points that are scarce in the ration books.

That isn't the important thing. Most of us are getting along with the ration allowed us without suffering. We eat at home regardless of what we are allowed. We leave room for our visitors in the few eating places left in Hazard. That seems the sensible thing to do.

Eat less, chew more,
Ride less, walk more,
Clothe less, bathe more,
Worry less, work more,
Idle less, play more,
Go less, sleep more,
Waste less, give more,
Scold less, laugh more,
Preach less, practice more.


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