Wednesday, May 11

Here & There

Out at Begley's Drug Store in Hazard last night Carl Begley was running around looking for a fountain pen he had "lost." After accusing every one in the store of taking it or hiding it, he looked at his shirt pocket...and there it was. He tried to apologize but it didn't go over very well.

Which recalled the time I lost my pen at the office. I knew that one of the visitors had taken it and I said some very uncomplimentary things about it. I found my pen on my shirt under a tie.

And that brought on another remembrance. Mrs. E.E. Begley was fussing and fuming about the house not long ago about an alarm clock that was missing. She knew someone had broken into the house and taken it. Dr. Begley, the dentist, later went to the ice box for a snack, and there was the alarm clock making good time. 1955

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  1. Oh,how I can relate.I've been known to put salt,scissors and once a screwdriver in the fridge.But the most annoying thing is to be looking for my reading glasses when all the time they've been perched on my head.