Friday, May 13

Main Street at Night

The downtown stores in Hazard are normally open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. every day. But now stores are staying open on Monday nights until 9 pm.

Vic Tedesco, Papania's - "I'm in favor of opening on Monday nights. I think it will work out fine. You can't do any business with your door closed."

Ray Newkirk, Newberry's - "I think it's wonderful to give the people of Perry and surrounding counties the opportunity to shop one evening during the week."

Nelle Harper, Johnson's - "I like it. I couldn't tell much about it last Monday night because of the rain. I think it is better than Saturday night because most people want to go someplace and relax on the weekend."

Jim Altizer, Ammar Brothers - "We'll cooperate in every way to help business. If everyone wants to stay open, we'll be glad to go along."

George Kawaja, George's Shoe Store - "I think the first night went over fairly good. It's a good idea if the merchants will continue backing it up. Perhaps some special bargains would encourage the people to come down town after work."

Hugh Beeler, Stiles - "I'm in favor of it. I think it will take time to educate the people about the stores being open on Monday night. I believe we should stay open one night a week."

Willie Dawahare, Dawahares - "I've been open at nights for a year and have found it very satisfactory. It gives the family with children a chance to come to town and shop. It also helps the working people and the folks in the county." 1961


  1. When I was growing up the stores downtown were open until 9 pm on Friday night. It was my favorite part of the was out for 2 days and I had the whole weekend to look forward to. Staying open late on Friday night makes sense to me. Monday night seems like it would be a bad night since it was a school night. Also a lot of working people got paid on Friday so they would have money to shop.

  2. I agree. Friday is a much better night to stay open instead of Monday. I'll bet they didn't keep the Monday night thing going very long.

  3. Main Street was packed on the nights that the stores stayed open. People would circle Main Street several times trying to find a good parking place. Many would just sit in the car and watch everything that was going on. That's where the action was.