Tuesday, May 17

Feeding The Kitty

In watching a policeman yesterday covering the "Mail-call" beat in front of the post office, wearing out a good pencil writing tickets for every motorist who dared to run in and get his or her mail without feeding the kitty, I was made to wonder just how much ill will had been built up (or down) for the good city of Hazard through tactless and deliberate tagging of every car that stops in the city without paying the meters.

I wondered just how many people have been sworn never to stop in Hazard again, after finding their cars tagged in front of a local hospital, the post office, along the highway, or around the court house, and having gone to the city hall to be told they could either pay up or else. Service men have not been given much consideration in the matter of these tickets when they went to the city hall, we are told. The police judge never assesses a fine against a service man for failing to pay the meters.

No doubt the meters serve some good purpose on Main Street, but they should never be in front of the post office nor the hospitals. 1945


  1. I remember all the negative reactions against the parking meters. People who worked on Main Street used to run out every two hours and feed the meter. Sometimes they would take care of their friend's meters, too.

  2. Ocassionally, someone would get frustrated with a parking meter and hit it with something, breaking the glass...