Tuesday, May 31

Dodging Bomb Craters

It seems a long time since we heard such a flowery story about “Steve” and what he was preparing to do for us in the way of making roads in the county. (Steve is the State Highway boss).

The story included repaving Main Street through Hazard. This road is getting almost impassable as all drivers are find out. Going up “Hospital Hill” is like dodging bomb craters in No Man’s Land. You are lucky to get through without losing a wheel or breaking an axle.

We’d like to have this road repaired with real road material. That malarkey they used before has faded, as most political bunk usually does. 1945

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  1. How many remember the spot where the Mount Mary Hospital and the Hurst Snyder Hospital was located as "Hospital Hill?" Although it was never officially the name of the place, many people referred to it that way. Directions: You take a left off Main onto Fleet Street and go up Hospital Hill. The doctors will take care of you from that point.