Wednesday, June 1

Lower Broadway School

Sunday afternoon the wife, baby and I took a walk. We left the boy at the neighbors’. We went over the Broadway bridge, up Lyttle Boulevard, down Cedar Street and out past the Lower Broadway School.

My, but it is beautiful on that walk. So many pretty houses and lawns. We certainly enjoyed the walk.

When we turned back on Broadway, as we passed the school, my wife asked me if that was the school where our boy would start next year. I told her it was. “Do the children play on that hard, rocky ground?” she asked. I told her I guessed they did. “What about those big rocks sticking up out of the ground everywhere? Wouldn’t a first grader be in danger playing in a place like that?” I told her it looked like it. “And what are those wooden stairs coming down out of the building?” I told her I imagined it was an emergency exit in case of fire. “Half of the protecting banister is broken off,” she said. “A first grader, especially in an emergency, might fall down those dangerous stairs, mightn’t he?” I told her it looked like it. “Why do they have such awful playgrounds and dangerous stairs, Bob?” she asked. I told her I didn’t know. “Are the schools hard up for money?” I told her I thought the tax rate here was about as high as any place in the state. She just shook her head. You see, we love our little boy and he is going to have to go to school next year. 1945

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  1. My Dad and Mom worried the same and to be honest for the first week or two one of them would stand within sight of the playground to watch me. I swear to you this is the truth. But I will have to admit that I cried for the first week or two because I didn't want to be away from them. What a baby I was.

    I read and re-read and took the walk with the Griffiths. I have taken that walk a lot of times coming and going from school and taking the "scenic" routes home.

    Now, I don't think many even got their shins scraped on that old playground. Many a game of boy after girl or girl after boy tag games and we would catch the boys and make them stand and then it was their time to chase us. Mercy, and I suppose to tell the truth I got my first little kiss playing tag on that all rocky playground. I remember the May Pole which we had several times and then no more. I never knew what happened but it was fun while it lasted.

    About the wooden steps up the side, I remember those very well as I went up and down them after I got the scare out of me for that led to my teacher, Mrs. Carpenter's room. She was one of my favorite teachers, and so stately and beautiful. It took me about half the school year to lose being afraid of those steps. On the other side was the chute that we used in case of fire. I remember the fire drills so well and especially the first time that Miss Mobley stood behind me and told me she was going to push me if I didn't go down and I knew she would, so I did.

    Mr. and Mrs. Griffith this was one special school, or to me anyhow, the old red building I knew as Lower Broadway.