Thursday, June 23

The Past Lives Again

Let me grab my books and away I will go to the Lower Broadway school. I will meet you all at the front door. I can smell the old wood now.

How I would love to walk those halls again and somehow I feel if I could I could hear the laughter and the scolding of Mrs. Oldham through the walls. You know, God is awesome for He gave us such a visionary and imagination and put them together and we can just about make it through a school day, huh? I hate to see what is happening to the young and some of the old these days. They do not even know what imagination is. Brain dead to the many things they left behind as they grew. I love all of my memories and the past still lives again, in my present.


  1. Ahhhh...memories. One of the greatest gifts that God gave us in the ability to remember fondly all those wonderful times of days gone by.

  2. One of my best memories of Lower Broadway school was getting to slide down the fire escape when we had a fire drill.