Wednesday, June 8

What A Day

On a daily basis I would take a walk through the alley that went from my house behind the bakery, behind the Howards, behind the Lykins, and then at the apartment that sat between the Lykins and P. L. Johnson where Alva Hollon and his young family lived; then to P. L. and Bess' back yard where I would stop and visit with them from the fence; they would be in their Victory Garden and precisely the same time of day. I can see them as they were then, she in her sunbonnet hat, he with his hoe in hand, busy as bees. They were special people to me, she was my Sunday School favorite teacher, and he was one of my favorite conversationalists. Together, they comprised almost, in my young eyes, a perfect couple. I loved watching them giving tender loving care to their victory garden, and you could see the pride on their faces as they pointed to their veggies. Yep, my daily visits I kept watch with them over their Victory Garden.

I would continue on my way out the alley, past the Heaths, the Maggards, the Schuttes, etc. until I got to the place to turn down onto East Main Street from the Alley. At the end sat the beautiful old home of Jim "White Jim" Combs and his family. I would then take my skates off of my shoulder, put them on and skate down the sidewalk back to Liberty Street. A fun filled evening with the best of Big Bottom. What a day!!!!


  1. Love your blog- can almost smell the honeysuckle and feel the sun on my back

  2. I would love to take that walk with you but there's just one problem....I can't skate! :(

  3. Next time you come to Hazard call me and let's take that walk again.

  4. I would love to take that walk with you. Reckon the old alley is still there? There used to be a mom/pop store up, let's say, about where Maggard's is now and the Len McIntosh and his wife owned it and I would stop there and get me a pop and a bag of peanuts, mercy!!!! Big Bottom sure missed them when they moved down to Dwarf.

    I don't get to make a trip that way now that I am pushing 80 but I surely would love to.