Friday, June 3

Second Fiddle

We were down talking with Don Fouts about newspapers. He worked on newspapers in 37 states in his journalistic life, and has really had some experience. He was with some of the largest newspapers in America.

Majors is, according to their slogan, Hazard’s “oldest and leading department store,” and greatly benefits the community by bringing thousands to town through their promotion. Major’s has always been a good promotion minded store and are really going to town under the direction of “Buddy” and Mrs. Bea Mazer.

My wife writes that our little daughter, age two, is acting very forlorn these days. Mike, our boy, had his tonsils out and is being treated like a king while he recuperates and the daughter has to play second fiddle. She’ll learn. 1945

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  1. Very good story about the past. Buddy716