Tuesday, June 7

Three very important things right now we should do for our country. First, pray for those in authority. Second, buy war bonds. Third, plant and cultivate a victory garden.

It is clear to most people the importance of the first two. Regarding the third or victory garden, many of us are missing a fine opportunity to help in the world’s food supplies for the war ridden countries.

The planting and cultivation for this garden food is a great source of comfort when we are somewhat confused with worldly cares, for the garden work for many of us, in so doing, permits us to forget shop.

Furthermore the food from your garden is fresh, and much lower in cost than from the local markets.

There is another way to speak of its lower costs. This is outstanding for the labor spent in the garden. One efficient day’s work in the garden by one person will produce enough food, as far as pounds are concerned, for that one person to eat from twenty-five to fifty days. Or one half hour average spent each day for one person or an approximate total of sixty-five hours in the planting and growing seasons will produce enough food for that one person for over two hundred days.

If records are kept one should find that, taking a dry season like 1944, one dollar spent for seeds and other material will show a profit of approximately eight dollars.

If you need information on war bonds, Mr. W.W. Reeves or his assistants will take care of that matter. Mr. E.R. Russell, the Perry County Agent, will help you with garden information.

With further reference to the first paragraph, if you don’t know how to pray, get in touch with an old-fashioned soul winning preacher. 1945

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