Thursday, June 9

School Was Not So Bad, After All

Back around 1944 my parents decided to move into a nicer house. We had previously lived on East Main and then on Laurel Street since 1937.

The new place was on Walnut Street right behind Hazard High School that winds around the back. This neighborhood was a new environment for me and I soon realized it improved my plight in life quiet a bit. I was about halfway through the eighth grade at Upper Broadway and the following year I would be a Freshman at Hazard High. Instead of walking a half mile to school every day the new trip would only be about 50 feet.

School traditionally began at 8:00 AM. For eight years I had been getting up at 7:00 AM to make it on time. Now I could get up at fifteen minutes to eight and make it to the side door before that hateful bell rang. I did not have to waste any of my precious time eating breakfast because around 10 0’clock the cafeteria prepared a snack bar in the hallway full of goodies. That’s where I developed a taste for pimento cheese sandwiches. School was not so bad, after all.


  1. A wonderful memory of dear old Hazard High. They had pimento cheese sandwiches when I went there, too. I think the tuna salad was my favorite, tho.

  2. Best pimento sadwiches I have ever eaten were at HHS.

  3. Big Bottom was a good place to live.