Thursday, May 26

Corner of Main & Fleet

Sometime around 1940 I was walking around downtown when I came across some kind of construction project on the corner of Main and Fleet Streets. Right there by our one and only traffic light. They were putting up some kind of prefab building in two parts partly on the sidewalk and partly on the street. It was all white. One of the guys said is was a new kind of restaurant that specialized in five cent hamburgers. All this stuff was hauled in on an L&N flat car. Sure enough, after it was finished, I went in and sat on a stool and bought a hamburger for a nickel. I thought that was a great deal. I think the name of the place was the Krystal Burger. It did not last very long though. That’s about all I remember. I do not know what happened to it. I guess they found out you had to sell a lot of five cent hamburgers to make any money. Fleet Street was re-named Lovern Street in 1954.


  1. I love the old pic of the Salyer Bldg. (that is how I know it) I can see the office windows where I worked. I can see Nim Combs Jewelry Store, but I never knew that Hazard had a Krystal Burger place. I only remember a S & L Savings place there.

  2. Maybe I can clarify that building you saw Mr. Watts. I'm sure it was a diner called the "White Spot" owned by my father, George Boyas. He had a couple of them around town in those early "40's. Only hot dogs and hamburgers on the menu and just enough room for a row of stools. One of the floods took the photos we had.