Tuesday, March 9

Global Warming?

I can recall a few years ago some crack pot stated that the universe of our country was changing. Believe he predicted that in some areas that was having cold weather would in time reverse itself with sunshine such as the good state of Florida advertises.

We've had the worst winter some say since 1917, others say 1925, some say 1934. Regardless of how bad the others were, this has been a hum dinger. It was up to 16 inches deep on a flat surface. This last snow I would say has been the more damaging. It was a wet snow that hung on to everything. It has broken down trees, power lines, caused roads to be more hazardous. As I sit here this morning looking out over the mountains in their white cloaked snow drifts, it is hard for me to admire this kind of beauty. It is a beautiful sight in one angle of one's mind. To me I am the worry wart I guess. I am thinking what should happen if we had a very quick melting of all this snow, maybe linked with a warm rain. I can only visualize the muddy waters that could cause another great flood. Our last flood was in 1957. Some say these things only happen once every 20 years. We had better get busy now if you recall the Buckhorn Dam and the Jackson cut off was started back in the thirties. Regardless of what the weather man says, this can't last too much longer because Spring is officially here coming March 20th. We all know that date is authentic and I know you are expecting everything to be good and clear by that date. 1960

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