Tuesday, March 16

Howard's Homebrew

I was guilty of lifting the linen cover off of a crock that was in our basement. It was just family business to use the crocks for pickling beans, corn, etc. but there was something else "brewing" in the crock besides kraut. I had several little friends with me and it was fun to lift the cover and dip into the kraut. I pulled back the cover, looked down into the crock and commented as I drank from my cupped up hand, "gee, the kraut is all gone but the juice is shore good." I invited my little friends to partake of the "kraut juice" which they did, cupping their little hands to be sure and get a good "swig". There were three of us and we dipped and drank, dipped and drank, until we all were "crocked". It was a very hot day and the basement was cool and we sat down and began to laugh, non-stopping. The day became evening and then dusky dark. We were still "stewed to the gills" and all we could do is giggle as we heard our parents going up and down the holler trying to find out where we could be. We heard them yelling for us but we could do nothing but giggle. I heard Mom, "Idy, if you are hiding and I find you, you will get a licking." I somewhat knew what she was saying but really didn't let it bother me. We huddled together listening as Mom's voice got closer and closer. She stood outside the basement (the screen door was open) and looked into the coal bin, we weren't there...then she noticed that the basement door was open and she looked and Richard giggled loudly when he saw her and his mother standing there...Mom said, "I hear them but can't see them." Mom stepped inside and almost fainted when she saw me and two of my good little pals "drunk". They pulled us up, Mom stood me up, the other two Moms did the same. Mom was mortified at the situation and said, "Idy, what in pete's name have you been doing?" All I could muster out was, "Mommy, we been drinking kraut juice, the kraut was all gone but the juice shore was good." Mom screamed out, "Lordy mercy, they've been into Howard's homebrew, it shore wan't kraut juice." You see, Daddy had put up some homebrew, and had told me, "Idy, stay away from this crock because we don't want the kraut to spoil." Yep, Daddy was making homebrew."Bless these little youngans, they got "soaked" on Howard's homebrew. Now, don't this take the rag off'n the bush?"Needless to say, Daddy made no more homebrew in the basement.

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  1. IdaLee, that was a dandy! I'll never be able to look at kraut again without remembering this story. Keep writing those great stories!