Monday, March 8

Hello From 50 Years Ago

We are still snowed in with from ten to twenty four inches on the north sides. Your roads in some of the rural areas have been a mess and it will be for months. I want to hear from any of you that has ever seen a worse two months as we have had. I have talked to several old timers and they say this will equal anything they have ever seen. George Campbell, who is 84 years young, stated that the only difference in this weather than in 1917 was the river froze over then. He stated it would have been this time if the river had not been too flush. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that old man river doesn't get too flush when all this snow does start to melt in a big way. You know the old saying -"a burnt child is always afraid of fire." I am afraid many of us will be watching old man river if it starts coming up as the thaw goes out, if and when the thaw will come. As some one said today it will take until the Fourth of July for all this snow to melt. Others say it will be one of the finest fruit years that we have ever known. Confound if I can see it, because the big cherry tree in my yard just split in two from all this snow. 1960

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  1. Let's hope it will be another 50 years before we have another winter like this one.