Monday, March 15

Perpetual Motion

Frank Foreman Sr. offers an old time remedy for the belly ache. Frank says just pour a little liniment (he didn't say what kind) into the navel. It is a sure cure. If it is some I know of that is hotter than a depot stove, I know that it will cure the belly ache because it will start a fire so much worse, that you are bound to forget your ailment. Bunch of us boys used some once on a cat. It hasn't been heard of since. Also used some on a dog. You could hear him running the ridges all night long, his howls were easily followed for about three days and nights. I doubt if he was howling at a fox or coon. Speaking of the dog running like he did, few nights ago I stopped at a drive in to get me a sandwich. Low and behold three young gals were sitting next to me. I mean their car was next to mine. All three had a wad of gum in their mouths and at times they sounded just like that old hound, first it would be a pop, then a clackety clack, wham, jam, bam, then they would get down to a steady rhythm such as this, chomp, champ, chawing gum in my favorite past time. I believe it was the nearest thing that I have ever seen to perpetual motion in all my life. Their jaws were working faster than any motor could have driven them. I often wonder who is to blame, the teenager or the parents? 1960

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