Friday, March 12

Wonderful Home Made Kraut

In the past few weeks I don't think I have ever heard of so many ailing people. Some call it the flu, others say it is a foreign type such as Asian, I will agree with you what ever it is, or where it came from, it is something hard to wrestle with. I have heard of various remedies that could help. One today was Cherry Bark, Mullen Leaves with a lot of honey. Another was Spirits mixed with rock candy with either molasses or honey. I talked with two of my friends from over Hyden way, that came to Hazard to find the rock candy. I beleive they have the best formula to date. It won't be too hard to make. It will have to be least 120 proof before it will take effect. I received a clipping today stating that Sauerkraut was supposed to have orginated from the German people. It states that kraut was on the menu of the workers that built the great China Wall in the 3rd century B.C. during the reign of Emperor Shih Huang, that they use to use wine to cure the kraut, that it was used until the last century when they found out that salt cured their cabbage into much better kraut. I dare say they haven't eaten any kraut that has been made by our people here in Eastern Kentucky. Well I can rememember going into the cellar, lifting a big rock off the crock, course there was always a linen or cloth cover between the rock and the kraut. I have had my hiney spanked many times for dipping my hands into the crock to get a big handful of that wonderful home made kraut. This was not the only thing that our people here in Kentucky put up this way. They had beans, corn, some of it had an awful smell until it got to your plate, then folks, I didn't see any of them turn their noses up. It is too bad that we have drifted away from the teachings of our forefathers. 1960

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