Thursday, March 11

It was 1946, and the snow had been falling for several days and the drifts were getting bigger and bigger. My Mom was pregnant with my brother and I could tell something was wrong. I was at the age that I knew she was going to have a new baby but didn't know when (folks didn't discuss that sort of thing where youngans could hear back then) and although they would say that the stork would visit, I knew better. Anyhow, the snow was falling and when lights would hit it purely sparkled like diamonds. Sort of like white fairy dusk, I reckon.It was beginning to get dusky outside and Dad told me that I had to get ready to go next door and visit with my friends for a while. I told him I had rather stay beside the fire and read. My Mom was in another part of the house and I was not to bother her at this time for she needed rest. Dad came to me again and asked me to walk to the window and see what he had done. Well, lo and behold, the drifts had piled so high it was impossible for me to walk across the little street to get to the neighbors who were waiting on me. What did Dad do? He shoveled and shoveled and him and Uncle Matt made a pathway big enough for two people to walk abreast to get me from my porch to theirs without a problem. A snow tunnel, of all things! Mercy, thinking back this was beautiful. I was walking between two walls of frozen snow that hit me about my waist. You talk about being in a wonderland, I was, Idy in a snow wonderland and I could hear my mother but Dad told me they would have a big surprise for me by morning. I heard someone say that Dr. J. P. was with Mom and it wouldn't be long now. The clock showed 11:45. I could not sleep and soon there was a rap at the door and my Dad had come to get me to walk me back to our house through the snow tunnel. Lights were ablaze at 109 Liberty and Dad took me into see Mom and I seen my surprise lying in her arms, Dr. J. P. made sure I got closer and then he handed the baby boy to me. And, you know, it was a while thereafter that I came to the conclusion that Dr. J. P. could not have carried that baby in his little black bag no matter what my Granny told me.

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