Monday, May 3

Another Tragedy

This time last year we were all trying to dig out of the devastation of floods. Today, it is something different, trying to dig a bus load of school children that drowned in the river near Prestonsburg. Yes folks, kids that will never be able to enjoy the river that they had been used to. It is coming the time of year that many of them would have been on the river bank with their poles, yes the days they were not in school, which was a favorite past time for all the kids that live up and down our streams. Indeed it is a sad incident, so bad that it has been broadcast around the nation.

Kids that had a future of many things in life that was in store for them. These kids are no different from any other kids through out our great U.S., going to school on a school bus, trying to get the education that they wanted to gain so much. Then suddenly it was all wiped out.

This has been a sad accident. Many of these kids would have been leaders of their various communities. I am sure they would have. To all you people that have lost loved ones in this tragedy, may the good man above bless you and your troubled minds at such an occasion. I am confident that he knows best. 1958

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