Thursday, May 6

This Little Town, Twice Washed Away

In the heart of the coal fields, on the river in Eastern Kentucky, Some folks say, "I wouldn't live there," but I consider myself very lucky.

Our little towns' dependence is entirely on the production of coal. But with the completion of the Buckhorn Dam, it will mean factories and flood control.

We've had floods, we've had freezes, we've had heartaches galore. But now near the tail end of Squabble Creek, the Buckhorn Dam will have it's shore.

So with patience and with waiting, we've got what we looked forward too. We old timers are better satisfied, that our visitors won't feel so blue.

This little town, we love so well, has twice been washed away. But the iron-nerved people of Perry County, will tell you, that they're here to stay. 1958

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  1. Sincere thanks Mr. Smedley. I personally still marvel at the courage of the people of Perry County. I know few of you will ever forget the flood. I don't think I'll ever forget coming up here a few days after this tragedy - and seeing the people of Perry County lashing into the job of cleaning-up.