Tuesday, May 11

Snuff Said

Years ago when our salesmen use to travel by buggy, it was not usual for three or four to travel the country side together. On one occasion, three salesmen were on horseback in eastern Kentucky on a very hot day. They stopped by a home that had a nice looking spring. The lady of the house was a very profuse user of snuff and it seems that all these gentlemen noticed that it was running out of the corners of her mouth. They also noticed that a gourd hung over the spring. Since all were thirsty, they started debating on who would drink first. One of the salesman was so thirsty it didn't make any difference to him so he grabbed the gourd and took a drink. The second salesman followed and it came down to the last one. He looked at the gourd dipper, then over at the old lady with the snuff running down her face. He noticed that the handle end of the gourd was open. He immediately scooped himself up a gourd full of water, turned the handle end to his mouth and took a long refreshing drink of that cool, cool water. He noticed after he had finished that the old lady was giggling. He looked at her and said, "Lady what is so funny?" She replied, "Mr. you are the only person I ever saw drink water from that gourd the same way as I do." 1958

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  1. Roscoe, my Cherokee mawmaw dipped snuff but would hide and place it in her lip and kept running outside and now I know it was to spit. She died never knowing that her 8 year old granddaughter knew her secret. Now, my grandson dips, friends dip, reckon it is a dipping generation. hee hee hee, Roscoe.