Tuesday, May 4

Where Are You From?

Joe Duncan tells the story which Dick Goodlette used to tell on himself. Seems Dick, back during WW 11, was stationed with a couple of city slickers and as Army men will do, they got to talking one night about where each was hailed from. Came Dick's turn and he said, "I'm from Hazard." A not-too-informed Yankee burst out: "Hazard! Where in the heck is that?" Came Dick's retort; "Why son, everyone knows that's only eight miles from Viper."

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  1. Well, when I ventured to CA when Tom was in the Navy, I was asked time and again "are you from TN or TX"? They said it was because of my accent. Never did they ask, KY? When I told them Hazard KY, their next response was "how far is that from bloody Harlan?" They all knew Harlan it seemed. However, I found someone who knew Hazard. He owned one of the Owl Drugstores and I used to go there to get a cherry coke, and at first the clerk did not know what I was asking for and this fellow heard, came out of his office, and asked me where I was from. I told him Hazard and he surprised me, "Oh, I know Hazard, Blue Diamond, Walkertown..." and he kept on naming the little towns around Hazard and I almost fell off of my stool. He seen that I was astounded and he laughed, "Oh, I used to be a Jewel Tea salesman in that area of Ky before I came this way and settled down." Of course, we had a good conversation and I felt so good finding someone in CA who knew Hazard.